Royal York Crescent

Crescent walk

Ever walk along Royal York Crescent? Admiring the views, the architectural facades of past wealth, maybe peering in through the windows to get a peek at life on the otherside? (I’m yet to see James McAvoy or Rebecca Hall clatter onto the paving – bonus points if you get the reference). Continue reading “Royal York Crescent”


Elizabethan Seaman

You may recognise this fellow………

Elizabethan Seaman (2)

Set in his pose, deep in thought this ‘Elizabethan Seaman’ stands in pride of place in front of the main entrance to Bristol’s City Hall (formerly known as the ‘Council House’ for those who are happy to acknowledge that we don’t live in a 1950s American detective series / Gotham).

Or is he really who he claims to be? Continue reading “Elizabethan Seaman”